I have always been searching for the truth of life: Who am I? What is the purpose of being human? What is behind all this suffering? Is this real?

These fundamental questions led me to an internal search to find the answers. I naturally began to meditate to try to find these answers within. With my first job’s salary, I built a meditation cabin in the backyard of my parents’ house and was drawn to meditate at night because the silence of the night offered a great opportunity to go deeper and reach the stillness within.

With my first salary working as an accountant, I built this cabin in the backyard of my parent's house to meditate at night.

At the first meditation retreat I attended, I had a profound experience that led me to make a radical change in my life: at the age of 28, I left my job as a corporate accountant and began residential training at the Rochester Zen Center in New York. There I practiced Zen meditation for seven years under the guidance of my teacher Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede. During this time I underwent a semi-monastic training that included rigorous periods of meditation practice called sesshin –which literally means “touching the heart-mind” where one meditates for an average of 10 hours daily for seven days.

Going deeper in meditation led me to uncover the subconscious aspects of the mind, which guided me to study emotional intelligence tools such as the enneagram, and the human design system, and also led me to explore self-help tools like Emotional Freedom Technique -which I have found amazingly effective and simple to dissolve emotional pain and self-sabotaging beliefs.

My continual exploration led me to the discovery of a new interpretation of the ancient I Ching system-which I had studied extensively as part of my Taoist alchemical practice; called the Gene Keys; which is a fantastic tool to uncover your full potential encoded in your DNA.

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