Healing is part of human life. For healing to be effective and long-lasting, it is important to understand energy and consciousness. Our consciousness directly affects the energy field of our bodies, and true healing depends on our ability to harness our consciousness in the most effective way.

You can learn more about energy and consciousness by watching the award-winning documentary "The Healing Field" - I briefly appear in the documentary practicing Qiqong in one of the temples in China.


One of the most effective techniques for self-healing is EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique. It is an amazing tool which has helped thousands of people including myself to release pain, negative emotions and self-sabotaging beliefs.


Why is EFT so effective?


EFT is a healing modality that works directly with the body’s meridian points by applying light pressure to specific points in the body. This light pressure ultimately influences the amygdala -an almond-shaped mass of gray matter inside the brain, involved with the experiencing of fear-based emotions.  Scientific studies have confirmed that the stress response from the amygdala can be significantly reduced by using EFT and freeing the individual from fear-based, negative habits.

EFT is so effective that it has been applied with great success in areas that have been severely affected by trauma and war, such as Rwanda and Congo.

Watch Gary Craig -the founder of EFT; explaining EFT and its amazing benefits.


If you feel you might be ready to experience the benefits of this amazing tool, click here to get more information or to schedule a session.

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