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Meditation at Folsom Prison


We as a society face many problems; one of them is crime, which affects every area of our lives. I have always been interested in understanding human behavior and what motivates a human being to behave in certain ways.


Anger, fear, greed, dysfunctional family patterns and economic problems are some of the leading factors behind a crime.


During my time as a volunteer with foster care and homeless children, I learned that most of them end up in prison unless they are fortunate enough to be positively guided during their early years.


We as individuals have a common responsibility to prevent crime in whatever form is more suitable in our lives. I felt motivated to volunteer within the prison system in order to deepen my understanding of human behavior and most importantly, to support these humans in their transformation process of recovery.


It is very inspiring and humbling to witness the transformation of these human beings who have a sincere commitment to rise above their limitations and circumstances internal and external, and find peace within themselves in the midst of very difficult situations.




Testimonials to the volunteers:

“I want to say thank you for your dedication, guidance, and steadfast commitment to making us better people. Prison may have locked us physically, but through your teachings we were able to free ourselves mentally and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” N.

“I want to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude for all the time, energy, and dedication you all have shown me and us at Old Folsom. Come rain or shine, you guys trek the long arduous journey to this deep, dark, modern-day dungeon to enlighten us with your wisdom and compassion” N.

“I am forever grateful to you” M.

Some members of the group made crochet beanies for the homeless population served through the  Union Gospel Mission. Below is the thank you letter from one of the inmates:

“We want to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to contribute to the community, we are truly grateful. We hope these crochet beanies will bring a smile to those in need. We are honored by this opportunity that has been given to us. Service like these allowed us to contribute to the community and we feel very appreciative. Doing these crochets has helped us in many ways. It has given us time to reflect, meditate, and resolve our life issues. We hope these crochets will benefit those in need as much as it has helped us to become a better person.” L.

Crocheted toys for children made by inmates  from the Folsom Prison
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