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Mindfulness and COVID-19

The current pandemic has dramatically changed our lives. How can we cope with all these changes that have affected our health, society, the economy,  and especially our mental health?

Mindfulness has proven to be one of your best allies during these times. The benefits of mindfulness have been scientifically documented and demonstrate its efficacy to improve your life in many areas of your life. More than ever, a daily practice of mindfulness can be an invaluable resource during these times of uncertainty.

Below are some benefits that can be applied to minimize the mental and physical impact of COVID-19.

1.- Boost the immune system: By decreasing stress levels -one of the leading causes of disease. your immune system is strengthened, which in turn supports your health and decreases the chances of being affected by the virus.

2.- Reduces anxiety:Anxiety is directly linked to your breathing. During meditation, your breathing pattern slows down, which produces a sense of calm and ease. As a result, your anxiety levels will decrease and your innate creativity will support you in taking the most effective action when facing a difficult situation; such as unemployment, economic hardship, or emotional disturbances.

3.- Decrease of negative mental chatter -According to studies, we have more than 70,000 thoughts a day. Most of these thoughts are full of negativity, criticism, and fear, which hinder your natural ability to solve challenging issues. By becoming the witness of these self-sabotaging thoughts -not suppressing them, they will gradually decrease and the relentless effect on your well-being will considerably diminish. As a result, you will experience a more positive attitude toward life.

The above benefits of mindfulness practice can become a valuable ally during these times. I invite you to explore this wonderful practice and experience the great positive changes that can offer to your life.

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