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Preventing Child Trafficking

Yesterday I saw the documentary Operation Toussaint

from the non-for profit organization Operation Underground Railroad whose main purpose is to bring an end to child slavery.

It is a compelling documentary about the reality of child slavery for sex and organ trafficking. The number one country of sex predators is the United States, people from every walk of life are involved in this crime, which due to the internet, it's increasing exponentially.

The founder, Tim Ballard explains in the documentary that most sex predators share the same background: they began at an early age to watch pornography, which at some point becomes an uncontrollable desire to experience more and more, which creates an endless cycle that culminates in the desire to be with a minor, and in some cases makes them travel to poor countries were this illegal behavior is not sufficiently punished. This behavior was predicted by Ted Bundy – one of the most dangerous serial killers of the United States – you can watch here his interview the day before his execution about the disastrous effects of pornography in a human being. In the interview Ted Bundy explains how his horrible crimes were in direct relationship to the amount of pornography he watched.

We can see that there are two kinds of slavery at the same time: the child that becomes a slave and the adult that becomes a slave to his/her unconscious self. It is also very important to be aware of the detrimental manipulation of the media that promotes this kind of behavior by promoting sexual stimulation for selfish purposes

Years ago I read an article on the BBC where parents were blaming the media for the increasing rate of pregnant teenage girls in Britain. The parents argued that the over sexual stimulation from the media was in direct correlation to the increase in pregnancy rates.

In the past, I volunteered with foster care children at the Sacramento Children’s Home. during this time I realized the huge responsibility we have to protect the children from abuse and the long-term impact of not taking the necessary steps to do it -according to statistics, most foster care children become criminals ending up in jail.

We all have a responsibility to protect our children.

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