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Humans are living in a time where the 6th mass extinction is a threat. Pollution, violence, damage to the Earth, political unrest, and economic problems are some examples of impending issues affecting us. What are the root causes of these issues? Quantum physics tells us that the external environment is a reflection of our internal environment, and the current issues are a reflection of our state of mind. If this is true, the only way we can solve the problems in the external world is by working on ourselves by exploring deeply the shadow aspects that affect us deeply. How important is this? Now science has confirmed that in our DNA we carry traumas that affected our parents. Just with this fact, we can see the amount of work we need to do to heal ourselves. But where do we start? what are the shadows affecting me and how to address them? This is a huge endeavor, and there are many tools that have been developed to face and heal your shadows – talk therapy, breathwork, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), are some of the tools that I have explored.

A system that I discovered around a year ago is the Gene Keys – a new interpretation of the ancient system called the I Ching, developed by Richard Rudd. The Gene Keys helps you to identify the shadows affecting you and gives you a map to address them deeply, not only that, it guides to use your shadows to awaken your hidden potential that is dormant in your genes – from here the name Gene keys, an understanding of epigenetics will help you to understand better the potential of the Gene keys.

I have been working with the Gene Keys for over a year, and find it a very profound tool for transformation. One of the core teachings of the Gene Keys is the Art of Contemplation, which is a portal to a greater understanding of yourself by contemplating the specific gene keys that form the blueprint of your life.

The Gene Keys coupled with the art of contemplation offers a powerful combination to transform yourself, even in the midst of a busy day, you can contemplate your gene keys while walking, doing the dishes, taking the kids to school, and especially important during the “challenging” moments of your life.

To find more about the Gene Keys, click here. To obtain your free Hologenetic profile, click here


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